Best of The Quarter Finals

Just sneaking in before the semis begin is our best of the quarter finals.


Best Goal

There weren’t many to choose from but David Luiz’s long range free-kick is pretty damn good.


Best Match

The quarter finals stage seem to have brought a slightly less frenetic brand of football to the World Cup. That is not to say that the games have not been good, by and large they have, there have just been less goals a slightly more cautious approach from the teams left in. The stand out game was Brazil v Columbia that featured a nervy Brazil holding on against a Columbia that only really came alive towards the end of the game. Unfortunately, due to some very lax refereeing this game also cost the tournament one of its star players and it is likely that this is how it will be remembered in the future.


Best XI

Keylor Navas- Had a very solid game to deny the Dutch- but unfortunately could not stop Costa Rica dropping out when it came to penalties.


Maicon- Effectively accomplished the same thing as Basanta and in doing so proved many people wrong regarding his defensive credentials.

David Luiz- Was solid at the back for Brazil- looking composed and distributing the ball well. The goal helped too.

Mats Hummels- Was very solid for Germany and scored another crucial header.

Jose Maria Basanta- He came into the Argentina team to play the biggest game of his life and looked very impressive neutralising Belgium down the left hand side


Javier Mascherano- Was crucial in winning the midfield battle against Fellaini and Witsel.

Bastian Schweinsteiger- Was authoritative with the ball and dominated the French midfielders- Pogba in particular was invisible.

Sami Khedira- Provided the thrust in Germany’s midfield as the French were not able to control his movement.


Lionel Messi- Was a constant threat against Belgium, who were obviously terrified about what he may unleash upon the.

Gonzalo Higuain- Finally got his goal and it could hardly have been more important.

James Rodriguez- Was kept quiet by Brazil’s “physical” play in the first half, but came alive in the second hald and almost turned the game in Columbia’s favour.


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