This Year the Title is Yours – Fantasy Football Style

Sick and tired of being the joke of the office? Want to finally gain some bragging rights with the chums? Well worry no longer! We at The Soccersphere are here to offer an assist or two.

We have ten smidgens of advice that could just bring you home the title of your wildest fantasy…league.

  1. First on the list is a simple one that many of you “football experts” forget. The season is 38 games long. If you start slowly don’t panic. Those desperate transfers waste precious points which cost you in the closing stages. Be patient and utilise your free transfers, have two at your disposal if possible. If you feel you need to transfer players out, then at least attempt to accumulate a positive net point’s gain.
  2. When deciding on your team take into consideration the next three games not just the one ahead. If they are playing three times in that week is it likely they will play all the games? Cup competitions get in the way of your title quest. Work around them as they aren’t going anywhere. A bit of foresight goes a long way.
  3. The players who start games are likely to get more than those on the bench. Shocking I know. Pick the consistent starters not the plucky substitute who pays off once in a while. Having a core of players brining you in a guaranteed base of points gives you the edge over the fingers crossed players.
  4. Think of the formation. Clean sheets and goals bring in the big points so employ players in these positions. 5-2-3 is the daddio for raking in the points. Yes, there are brilliant players in the midfield but how many are going to score 15 goals this season or pick up more than 5 points a game?
  5. 15 players make the squad, ensure they are all capable of bringing in points. Having a strong bench gives you flexibility and doesn’t force your hand of a low point week when the majority of your men are playing one another. Diversification isn’t just a HR pipe dream.
  6. Set piece takers bring home the bacon. Referees love giving free kicks and penalties, so take full advantage of their whistle happy selves. Corners aren’t half bad either for assists however professional footballers who can actually deliver a good corner are rather rare these days.
  7. Be a wise gaffa and select the right captain. Just because they are your favourite player does it really mean they are the best player for the double points benefit? The obvious choice is usually the best, however every now and again it’s worth taking a risk. The players who perform for the clubs outside the top four are capable of great things. I know, crazy right?
  8. Don’t have the same players as your rivals, especially if you are playing catch up. Everyone will have the same few players over the season but don’t stick to the identical team sheet. There are 20 teams in the league therefore a minimum of 220 players are there to choose from each game week. Will only the same players perform each week? I think not.
  9. If you build up a lead, abuse that position. Your choices are performing and their value is going up. If you are holding the best players and making the most of the captaincy then your rivals have to take all the risks. You can sit back and secure your lead, just don’t get complacent.
  10. Finally the best advice we can possibly give you. Remember to do your team! Missing out on just one week can put you in the lurch. It only takes five minutes so do it. Otherwise you will have to listen to the gloating of the office idiot.

The advice is simple, but it’s amazing how many forget to keep it that way. There are huge slices of luck involved over the season but you can ride that wave both through the good and the bad. Ensure you are disciplined and don’t overthink things. Remember the chances of a relegation candidate’s left back scoring belters are slim, unless they are Noe Pamarot…


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